Indicators for Work-related Health Monitoring

The following materials have been published by the WORKHEALTH II project:

The report "Establishment of indicators for work-related health monitoring", which contains all project results, e.g. a synopsis of European and international work-related indicator systems already existent and a comprehensive compilation of the relevant indicators proposed in these systems, supplemented by the indicators developed in the WORKHEALTH project, as well as a theoretical framework for work-related health monitoring and a short list of indicators which are judged as most relevant for work-related health monitoring in Europe from a public health perspective. 

The brochure "Arbeitsweltbezogene Gesundheitsberichterstattung in Europa"(available in German only), which presents the key issues of the WORKHEALTH project in a more detailed way.
WORKHEALTH_Brochure (PDF 0.4 MB) 

Fact sheets that highlight the most important results of the WORKHEALTH project in all European languages. 

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