Quality Criteria

The members of the network developed corresponding guidelines for effective WHP, which led to the quality criteria on hand. These criteria are based on the European Foundation for Quality Management model supporting the integration of health promotion into the quality management system of organisations, encompassing areas such as corporate policy, human resources department and work organisation, social responsibility, planning and implementation of workplace health promotion and its evaluation.

Quality Criteria for a good WHP practice:

  1. WHP should be a management responsibility with:
    - support and integration of management and executive staff
    - integration in company policy
    - provision of sufficient financial and material resources
  2. Employee participation in planning and implementation of the WHP measures.
  3. WHP should be based on a comprehensive understanding of health.
  4. WHP should be based on accurate analysis and continually improved.
  5. WHP should be professionally coordinated and information should be made available regularly to all the staff.
  6. The benefits of WHP are evaluated and quantified on the basis of specific indicators. 

All companies of course are different, facing different needs and requirements. However, these guidelines can help to determine how well an organization is performing when tested to the individual criteria and can provide a comprehensive outline for the creation of a modern corporate health policy.

  • Quality Criteria for Workplace Health Promotion (PDF 0.1 MB)
  • Quality Criteria for small and medium-sized enterprises (PDF 0.1 MB)
  • Questionnaire for self-assessment (PDF 0.2 MB)