Digital wellbeing in the workplace (Digi WorkWell) is an Erasmus plus funded project which has just begun.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided many employees with new and more flexible options on where, when and how they work. But it has also challenged their physical and mental health at work.

Digital technology brings benefits to our working life, increasing productivity, competitiveness and innovation. On the other hand, digital overload is an increasing problem: with risks of unrestricted use of technology in the workplace, multitasking affecting professional performance and mental health. Moreover, given the rapid pace of change, the majority of managers have to navigate this transition without prior training.

Therefore, the overall objective of the project is to design, develop and implement a new approach to train SME managers and entrepreneurship teachers across Europe in digital wellbeing. The end result will be to improve the managers own digital competences, while also boosting the capacity of their organisation to manage this digital working life transition and prevent fails in output from their workforce.

The project consortium consists of countries such as Ireland, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Poland. The diversity and experience of the project partners will ensure practical and valuable results.

ENWHP is a partner in the project and will provide regular updates on its progress at the News section.