Methods and Tools

Employers usually have high expectations in terms of success when implementing WHP measures - and are sometimes disappointed about the return of investment. While the ratio of costs and  benefits must be in line with the investments made by other companies, employers often do not sufficiently integrate their WHP measures into the overall structures and procedures of the organization. Effectiveness and efficiency of health promotion measures, however, depend on its integration into other parts of the corporate policy. 

Successful WHP in practice is not a closed book. Experience gathered in various countries over many years has shown  how health promotion at work can work - independently from size or type of the organisation. 

The Network has developed tools which enable decision makers in companies and other organizations to gain a comprehensive picture of the quality of their WHP activities. The quality criteria and the questionnaire assist them in their self-assessment and in improving their health promoting projects. Furthermore, the documented  models of good practice provide experience and knowledge on how workplace health promotion programmes can be successfully implemented to suit the national and structural requirements of companies and other organisations. 

As part of its  4th initiative, the network has created an inventory of methods and instruments (" toolbox") for promoting workplace health. Based on its previous initiatives the Network has developed  recommendations as support for developing strategies and implementing action to promote a healthy workforce in healthy enterprises in Europe. Finally, to help ensure that "good intentions" will also result in "good practice", decision makers can contact the national forums in the individual countries for further information on suitable tools of health promotion at the workplace.