Policies and Declarations

Policies defining network’s basic consensus 

ENWHP has a long tradition of developing policies in workplace health promotion. Policy refers to plans, positions and guidelines that aim to decisions made by stakeholders to address the practical implementation of good WHP standards.

The ENWHP Declarations are policy documents which define the network’s basic consensus on the common goals, vision and mission during the last twenty years.

luxembourg declaration1997 Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union (Version 2018)
Cardiff Memorandum1998 Cardiff Memorandum on Workplace Health Promotion in SMEs.
Lisbon Statement2001 Lisbon Statement on Workplace Health in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Barcelona Declaration2002 Barcelona Declaration on Developing Good Workplace Health Practice in Europe.
Edinburgh2010 Edinburgh Declaration on the Promotion of Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing.
Brussels Declaration2013 Brussels Declaration on Workplace Health Practices for Employees with Chronic Illness.