Training division

Increasing awareness and knowledge and facilitate knowledge transfer

Over the years ENWHP has realised that professionals who design, implement and evaluate WHP need a common platform of knowledge and skills if they are to implement WHP programs in a coherent manner.

The Education & Training Division of ENWHP has been set up to address this need.


To act as the main source of advice to the Board of ENWHP on Training & Education
To act as the main repository of resources linked to Training & Education in the Workplace Health Promotion area
To actively implement Training & Education initiatives.


To perform Training Needs Assessment for various professional groups involved in implementing Workplace Health Promotion programs
To develop curricula and training plans for various Education & Training initiatives
To undertake development projects (e.g. the production of training manuals, methods, distance learning courses, etc.) in the area of WHP
To build a network of educators, trainers and training developers in the area that can address WHP issues across Europe
To regularly organise training courses for and with ENWHP National Contact Offices at European and national level
To work with other ENWHP Divisions (especially Policy and Research) to operationalise their results in Training & Education outputs whenever that is possible and desirable
To host and organise a forum for trainers and those interested in knowledge transfer
To establish European and international contacts and partnerships (formal and informal) with other parties interested in the Training & Education fields linked to WHP or other related domains
To advocate the investment of funds by the European Commission (and other funders) in Training & Education the area of WHP
To develop a Master’s programme in Workplace Health Promotion in partnership with interested universities
To promote and actively engage in the introduction by universities of WHP modules, courses, sessions, etc. in all their relevant graduate, and post degree courses

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