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Developing structures for dissemination of "Good Practice" in the field of WHP in New Member States and Acceding Countries.

Carried out under the leadership of the Polish Nofer Institute, the 6th initiative aimed at developing a framework for co-operation between relevant stakeholders within applicant countries and current Member States by establishing national contact offices of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) in 7 countries.

The initiative produced a guideline to be used for the analysis of the national level status quo with regards to WHP policies and practices (legal framework, cultural idiosyncrasies concerning preventive activities unfolded within the working environment, organizational circumstances, and models of good practice).

From a project perspective the “Workplace Health Promotion in Enlarging Europe” initiative started with a stakeholders analysis performed at national level which aimed at finding the most suitable organisation appropriate for hosting the future National Contact Office (of ENWHP). Several national meetings were organized within this analysis and they were 8 roundtable meetings (in Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia). In each of these meetings the current national level of Workplace Health Promotion policies and practice were assessed and discussed.

The main result was the setup of eight (8) new National Contact Office (of ENWHP) within the 8 countries mentioned above.

Roundtables Schedule: meeting-documentation

Seminar Schedule 2006: meeting-documentation

Final Symposium in Krakow/Poland, 13-14 October 2006