Tools: questionnaires and guidance

Questionnaires, strategies, guidance for evaluating and improving WHP at the company level

ENWHP has developed and will develop different types of resources to companies to evaluate and improve their practices on WHP.



Quality Criteria for workplace health promotion questionnaire

 WHP Quality Criteria : Questionnaire for Self-Assessment 

Move Europe Questionnaire

MoveEurope Questionnaire: Tobacco, Physical activity, Nutrition and Stress


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Mental Health Check questionnaire

Mental Health Check

In German and Spanish here

Feedback Self-assessment with feedback in Spanish



Workers with chronic illness guide

Promoting healthy work for workers with chronic illness: A guide to good practice 

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A guide to the business case for mental health

A guide to the business case for mental health

Mental health guide for employers

Promoting mental health in the workplace - Employers Resource

Mental Health guide for employees

Creating a mentally healthy workplace - Employees Resource

Documentation of the ENWHP quality criteria

WHP Quality Criteria: Documentation  

Move Europe Questionnaire documentation

MoveEU Questionnaire: Documentation



Strategies and instruments for prolonging working life

Healthy Work in an Ageing Europe - Strategies and Instruments for Prolonging Working Life



ENWHP Toolbox: methods and practices

ENWHP Toolbox - A European Collection of Methods and Practices for Promoting Health at the Workplace