Company Health Check

Find out in what way Lifestyle-related Health Promotion is part of your Workplace

The Company Health Check (CHC) is an instrument to promote health at the workplace.

Review Paper and Catalogue of Quality Criteria: The main purpose of this paper is to give a review on the one hand of evidence of successful WHP programs and on the other hand of existing questionnaires or assessment tools including the topics nutrition, smoking, exercise and stress. This review allows defining quality criteria for WHP on which the Company Health Check will be based. For more detailed information, please click here (PDF 2.3 MB).

The checklist is structured around four health topics: physical activity, healthy nutrition, mental health and smoking prevention. Finally you will receive an e-mail with your score and recommendations how to set up workplace health promotion in your Company.

Company Health Check (online version with feedback)

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Company Health Check (PDF-Version):

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