Research division

Promoting research on workplace health promotion

Currently, there is no Europe wide interest group in relation to researching WHP- research in the area is limited, fragmentary and usually confined to a single jurisdiction.

The Research Division of ENWHP will address this situation through its activities.


To be a network and forum for researchers and interested others to communicate results, develop projects, exchange views and create alliances
To act as a lobby group to encourage the Commission and other funders to promote research in WHP.
To help to inform policy and practice of WHP in Europe.


Development of a European research agenda for WHP
Communicating the results of research
Enabling the development of joint research proposals
Conducting research under the auspices of ENWHP
Holding and contributing to research meetings
Lobbying research funders
Contributing to training development
Contributing to policy development


You can contribute to developing research in the area by becoming an active member of the Division.  In doing so, you may have the opportunity to:

Help develop the European research agenda
Promote awareness of the results of research
Receive support from other Research Division members
Help develop research proposals
Participate in Europe wide research projects
Enhance the visibility of your research

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