Move Europe Company

The way companies became "MoveEurope Companies"

Workplace health promotion has long since been common practice in many companies. Health management has found its way into corporate strategies and principles in line with the growing significance of health. The "Move Europe" initiative saw itself as the missing boost to publicise the available examples of good practice and help to disseminate them. During the campaign, companies had the possibility of becoming a "Move Europe Company" in three steps:

Step I: Company Health Check
They completed online the ENWHP "Company Health Check" questionnaire. On the basis of the questions, they assess  by themselves the quality of the workplace health promotion measures in their company or organisation. Companies which were particularly health-promoting were invited to join the campaign as "Move Europe Company". 

Step II: Models of Good Practice

As a selected "Move Europe Company", they received ENWHP Best Practice questionnaire. It gives them the opportunity of presenting their concept of workplace health promotion in detail. The concepts (submitted) were assessed by an expert team/jury.

Step III: final Conference 
Model companies from all over Europe were invited to a conference in Perugia in April 2009 to show examples of best practice and to share their experiences with the other participants.

"Move Europe Companies" position themselves in the public eye as innovative, sustainable and committed to the European project. The campaign was flanked by comprehensive PR work, which they profit from. 

The initiative and the commitment of the "Move Europe Companies" were constantly put on the public agenda throughout the entire term of the project. The media partner guaranteed political and media interest. ENWHP regularly create media events all to do with the companies involved.

You can access to the description of MoveEurope models of good practice in the final "Move Europe" business report