We still need your support!

We need your help for gathering insights on how to improve the Mental Health at Work Platform.

If you are an employer, manager, HR or OHS professional, we would like to involve you in a 50-min. online individual interview via MS Teams in which we will ask you to try out the functionalities of the platform with us and tell us your experience.

We have no special requests for you before attending the interview. However, as the platform’s language is English, it is very important for us that you feel comfortable communicating with us in English. Nevertheless, if you speak Spanish, we might have the possibility to conduct the interview in Spanish through a Spanish partner of us.

If you think you can be available, please indicate your e-mail address and favourite date and time at the following link:


Please, only pick few favourite time slots to allow other participants choose alternatives, since each time slot will be removed when it hits a 1-participant limit.

Then, we will contact you again to send you the link to the online interview.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or need for clarification.

Davide Giusino davide.giusino2@unibo.it


The H-WORK Innovation Platform is out!

Its name is “Mental Health at Work Platform” and January 31st, 2023 was the official date in which the final beta version was released and made available to the public. The Mental Health at Work Platform is a set of services and tools that practitioners can use to act upon mental health and well-being in the organisations – especially public organisations and SMEs.

For more information visit https://h-work.eu/2023/01/31/the-h-work-innovation-platform-is-out/ 

AND, if you are an employer, manager, HR or OHS practitioner and want to help them with testing the beta version of the H-WORK Innovation Platform, please access this survey for engaging in the testing activities (e.g., questionnaires, interviews, etc.).

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