Communication division

Spreading knowledge, facilitating networking.


To promote, disseminate, and valorise ENWHP’s policy papers, projects (and their results), initiatives, and events
To advocate and lobby for the introduction of WHP on the political agenda, as well as to position WHP as a key element to be considered by European Programs tackling the Health and the Work & Employment sectors
To develop intra-Network activities so as to increase cohesion and convergence for the ENWHP membership, as well as to set up, manage, and further develop ENWHP partnerships with relevant partners of all categories.


Produce and disseminate information on the ENWHP initiatives, projects, and activities
Select communication channels and communication vectors to be used for its activities
Liaise with all ENWHP divisions to promote their specific activities (training courses, research results, accreditation schemes, position papers, etc.)
Influence key decision makers in relation to WHP at European and national level
Jointly work with the Policy Department to promote their policies and perform advocacy activities
Inform network members of developments in WHP in Europe
Develop and maintain the ENWHP website
Develop and maintain a social media presence
Promote, undertake and participate in relevant workshops and conferences
Produce a regular ENWHP newsletter


Ensuring that valuable messages and content are disseminated as widely as possible
Raising the national and international profile of your organisation
Receiving timely and relevant information on WHP

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