Models of good practice

Under the title "Move Europe", the ENWHP identified and evaluated around 100 Models of Good Practice from 26 participating countries and 48 of them were selected to present their activities and to receive an award at the concluding conference in Perugia.

ENWP underwent a qualitative analysis of these models and produced a final report with company recommendations envisaging possible ways of access and implementation to topic areas of healthy eating, physical activity, mental heath an smoking prevention.


Austri flag Austria 24 Workplaces
Belgium flag Belgium 5 Workplaces
Bulgary 2 Workplaces

2 Workplaces

Finland 2 Workplaces
Germany 17 Workplaces
Hungary 12 Workplaces
Iceland 1 Workplaces
Italy 3 Workplaces
The Netherlands 6 Workplaces
Norway 3 Workplaces
Poland 2 Workplaces
Romania 2 Workplaces
Slovenia 2 Workplaces
Spain 3 Workplaces
United Kingdom 3 Workplaces