Questionnaires for Self-Assessment

What is your Company's Status in terms of WHP? Is the Health Management in your Organisation Worthwhile?

If you are a either a public or private enterprise, you can test the quality of your workplace health promotion programmes or look at the role of lifestyle-related health promotion in your workplaces by filling out these questionnaires for self-assessment.

The evaluation takes only a couple of minutes. And it might be the first step towards a sustainable improvement in your company's performance. 

  1. WHP Quality Check
    The questionnaire help organisations record the quality of their workplace health promotion measures and continually improve them. 
    The Questionnaire is available in English, German and Spanish.
  2. Company Health Check - Healthy Lifestyles
    On the basis of this questionnaire you yourself assess the quality of the workplace health promotion measures around the four health topics: non-smoking; physical activities; nutrition and stress. 
    This questionnaire is available in several languages.
  3. Mental Health Check
    With this questionnaire you can assess the quality of your enterprise WHP activities in the field of mental health.
    This questionnaire is available in German, English and Spanish.

If you fill in the online Spanish version of these questionnaires you will receive feedback with recommendations for improving your practice.

You have also available the online Company Health Check - Healthy Lifestyles in English with feedback.