Practice division

Sharing good practice between members and across countries and regions.

Historically the ENWHP was active in the development, identification and sharing of good workplace health promotion practice.

The Practice Division of the ENWHP will continue this vitally important work.


To facilitate and enable the sharing of good practice in WHP.


Review regularly the Quality Criteria developed by ENWHP so as they keep up with the new risks, new trends in human resources management, and new approaches proposed by the scientific and academic communities
Propose Guidelines for implementing workplace health promotion in micro-enterprises, SMEs, and larger enterprises, by tackling individual health determinants (smoking alcohol, nutrition, etc), occupational hazards (physical, chemical, biological, psychosocial, etc.), and work organisation
Create an on-line resource populated with examples of good workplace health promotion practice across a range of topics
Publish in each ENWHP newsletter examples of Models of Good Practice in workplace health promotion
Host an annual conference and/or regional meetings in which innovative and established good workplace health promotion practice can be highlighted and shared.


Contribute to and obtain benefit from a body of knowledge based on good workplace health promotion practice across a variety of settings, organisational types and countries.
Participate in conferences, regional meetings and potentially site visits, in which good practice is highlighted, discussed and shared.
Benchmark one’s own organisational practice against others

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