Membership fees

Membership of ENWHP is fee based

Becoming and remaining a member of ENWHP requires payment of an annual membership fee that will be invoiced for payment every 12 months. 

Membership will lapse should payment not be made within three months of the due date.  Lapsed members will be required to reapply for membership.

ENWHP membership is charged according to the type of institution you are representing. For 2019 & 2020 the fee rates, which are the same for both membership categories, are:

Type of organisation ENWHP membership fees 2019-2020
Public sector - including Government Organisations and Ministries (national or regional), Public Sector agencies, Research Institutes and Universities, etc. 500 €
Private sector - including large companies and SMEs 500 €
Private sector: Micro-enterprises - 10 employees or less or balance sheet/annual turnover below €2m 150 €
NGOs/third sector/not-for-profit 150 €
Individuals 150 €