Policy division

Developing principles to guide workplace health promotion.

Policy refers to plans, positions and guidelines that aim to influence the decisions of stakeholders and to address the personal, organisational, regional-local, national and European levels of action

ENWHP has a long tradition in the development of policies in workplace health promotion.

ENWHP Declarations are policy documents which define the network’s basic consensus on the common goals, vision and mission.

In the tradition of these declarations the new ENWHP will develop future oriented policies.


To act as a think tank for developing new policies.
To develop new policies.
To promote policies at all levels and facilitate their implementation.


Organise and manage an inventory of existing policies in Europe and worldwide in the field of workplace health promotion.
Identify and define the problems or issues that necessitates the development of new policies.
Establish a policy development process - the process requires research, consultation and policy writing
Establish a consultation process for all stakeholders (interested parties). 


Help develop new and updated policies on WHP.
Participate in discussion and consensus groups through the internet, workshops, open meetings, etc.

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