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International C.I.A.N.S. Conference 2005

Educational and conference center of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bratislava, Slowakia

Program Areas Proposed: Electrophysiology of regularory and integrative functions Animal models Learning and memory Neuro- and Psychopharmacology and therapy Neuroendocrinology Cognitive modifications of behaviour Modification of risky behaviour ? theoretical aspects Positive psychology and well-being Early interventions Psychosomatic relations Education and health promotion

Humanity in Medicine

Graz, Austria

Main Topics of this year's event are prevention at workplaces and as an economic factor.


4th Employee Assistance European Forum Conference

Helsinki, Finland

At this year's Conference, which takes place in Helsinki and is hosted by EAP-Finland OY,holds a mixture of workshops, the EAEF AGM and a strong line up of speakers from across Europe to address the issues facing businesses in Europe and the role of Employee Assistance (EA) in adding value in the workplace.


European Health and Productivity Congress

Zurich, Switzerland

This European event hosted by the Institute for Health & Productivity Management (IHPM) will address the increasing challenge of absenteeism and presenteeism, especially with regard to mental and psychosocial health, while maximizing the health and performance of employees.


International Symposium on Youth and Work Culture 2005

Espoo, Finland

30-31 May 2005, in Hanasaari Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland. The Symposium is arranged alongside the World Skills Competition Helsinki 2005, which is organized on 25 May ? 1 June 2005 at the Helsinki Fair Centre, Finland. The opening ceremony of the competition will be held on 25 May, the competitions on 26?29 May, and the closing ceremony on 1 June.

Results 241 to 250 out of 260.