European Health and Productivity Congress

Zurich, Switzerland

This European event hosted by the Institute for Health & Productivity Management (IHPM) will address the increasing challenge of absenteeism and presenteeism, especially with regard to mental and psychosocial health, while maximizing the health and performance of employees. The program will feature some of the following presentations: 

  • Health & Productivity - The Latest Research from the US 
  • A Global Approach to Health & Productivity Management
  • The New Challenge: Presenteeism and Mental Health 
  • The Impact of Corporate Culture on Health 
  • Using Assessment Tools and Measuring Health & Performance 
  • The Role of Insurances in Workplace Health Promotion (Models from Germany and Switzerland) 
  • Perspectives from Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK and France 
  • Can HPM be incorporated into European Systems? 

Host: Institute for Health & Productivity Management
Contact: Wolf Kirsten