XVIIth World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

Orlando, USA

The Congress is a five-day event ? including an array of educational platforms (technical, practical, research topics) and networking opportunities. In addition, several technical tours dealing with safety and health in agriculture, aerospace, maritime, manufacturing and mining will be organized to companies based in Florida. The World Congress on Safety and Health at Work exhibition will showcase the latest products and services from international companies from around the globe. 

Network with attendees from the following disciplines: safety engineers and technicians, hygienists, ergonomists, occupational physicians, labor inspectors, scientists and researchers, technical factory inspectors, trainers and teachers, workers and their representatives, decision makers in the public sector and in social security, senior executives in industry, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, representatives of international and regional organizations, manufacturers and importers, communication/public relation experts, journalists/media representatives. 

Potential topics for 2005 include: 

  • Different prevention models in developed/developing countries 
  • Problems in small and medium-sized enterprises 
  • Occupational safety and health management systems 
  • Occupational safety and health in different industrial sectors 
  • Risk Management 
  • Psycho-social problems 
  • Hazardous occupations 
  • Hazardous injuries 
  • Research 

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