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Nitric Oxide: Basic Regulations and Pharmacological Interventions

Tučepi, Croatia

The nitric oxide produced by mammalian cells at an appropriate magnitude and timing may serve as a key signaling molecule in physiological processes as diverse as cardiovascular regulation, neuronal communication and host-defense. On the other hand, excessive and unregulated NO synthesis has been implicated as causal or contributing to pathophysiological conditions including many lethal and debilitating diseases of humans. The organizers are convinced that the Symposium will contribute at obtaining new knowledge or insights into the role of the NO in physiological regulatory processes of CVD and CNS disorders.


4th IHPM European Health & Productivity Congress

Dublin, Ireland

Employees can be the best-trained, most highly skilled and motivated, best-equipped workers in the world, but if they are not healthy, they will not be fully productive and their employer will suffer competitively. Although employers have failed to see health as a critical component of their human capital in the past, a growing number of companies in Europe are developing health and productivity management programs.


3rd World Ageing & Generations Congress

St Gallen, Switzerland

The third World Ageing & Generations Congress - organized by the World Demographic Association - will take place from 6th to 8th September 2007 at the University of St. Gallen.

Conference of the Healthy Ageing EU-fundes project 2004-2007

Brussels, Belgium

By 2025 about one-third of Europe's population will be aged 60 years and over. There will be a particularly rapid increase in the number of people aged 80 years and older. The countries of Europe must develop strategies to meet this challenge. Promoting good health and active social participation among older citizens will be crucial to these strategies.

Results 201 to 210 out of 261.