International Health Conference: Recent Advances in Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Health Policy

Athens, Greece

This 3-day event will focus on areas of clinical medicine, public health and health policy which are of particular relevance to South Eastern European countries.
These countries, and the European Union as a whole, are presented with a very particular set of challenges in the domain of health care delivery.
The conference will address recent medical advances in areas of high public health significance and the implications of these in local and Europe-wide health policy development. This is the first time that a meeting attempts to address this combination of themes which, though intimately linked, are rarely addressed together in an inter-professional fashion. The conference will be of interest to a variety of people, from clinicians to public health physicians, health managers, civil service and politicians.
The city of Athens will provide the perfect setting for this event, offering delegates the opportunity to enjoy the many archaeological and cultural sites, visit nearby islands and experience traditional Greek hospitality.