Coronavirus and mental health

Isolation coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 may be very stressful for people. In China, the level of stress gathered via questionnaire to 52,730 people showed that 35% and 5.14% suffered from mild and severe stress respectively.  On February the Lancet published a rapid review of the evidence of the impact of quarantine. It's imperative to look after the mental health of the population. So, a lot of organizations has made available guidance for managing and  mitigating stress, anxiety and stress. There you have some examples:

- World Health Organization guideline and mental health tips

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Managing anxiety and stress

- Mental Health Foundation Looking after your mental health

- Health and safety executive (Ireland) Minding your mental health 

- Confederación salud mental (España) Autocuidado, rutinas y ejercicio

- Psycom, ressources pour prendre soin de notres santé mentale