News from the Italian NCO


The Hospital Bambino Gesù - Roma, in collaboration with the ENWHP and other scientific committees, organized in Bressanone in the days 17-21 - June 2019 a Summer School to discuss on wellbeing in the workplace. It is well known that individual and occupational well-being has direct and indirect business effects on various economic and non-economic factors, such as absenteeism, high turnover, transfer requests, low levels of motivation, lack of trust and commitment, increase in complaints, suitability with limitations, occupational diseases and labour law disputes. Recent changes in the world of work (ageing of the work force, increase in work rhythms and loads, difficult balance between work and home commitments, attention to the work climate, etc.), together with the incidence of chronic-degenerative diseases (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and oncological diseases), require the adoption of health promotion programmes and an ever-increasing attention to work wellbeing, as also provided for in Legislative Decree 81/08, articles 25 and 28. The sessions illustrated some good practices and national and international experiences related to occupational well-being understood as a qualifying managerial element within the company of the activities related to Prevention in the workplace (Disability Management, Health Promotion, Personalized Prevention and Workplace Well-being).