New research proposals by ENWHP


The Research Division has been very active since the beginning of the year, becoming involved on 4 proposals to the European Commission programmes.  Two of these have been submitted to the H2020 call for better health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems and are concerned with developing and testing tools to address mental health issues in the workplace.  These proposals are led by organisations from Spain and from Italy and the ENWHP is a partner in both proposals.

The other 2 proposals have been submitted to the Erasmus Plus programme, which is the Commission’s main programme for developing vocational training programmes.  The first is concerned with developing training in WHP to a high level, something which is lacking in most EU countries, while the second is looking to develop training in the area of promoting physical exercise in the workplace. You can find out more about these 2 proposals in the Training Division part of the website.

Evaluation of proposals such as these generally takes 3 months or so – we expect to hear the outcomes of this process in the early summer.