Promotion of mental health as a management task - E-learning tool for managers - News from NCO

The psyGA project (under the project leadership of BKK federal association, NCO Germany) offers practical support in the form of different materials and tools for companies of any size in all industries. The eLearning tool for the promotion of mental health provides easy to understand suggestions explaining how managers can protect their employees from excessive stress and stay healthy themselves. It sensitises superiors for perceiving stress signals and provides support for appropriate dealing with over-stressed employees. In addition, managers receive suggestions for dealing differently with own stress factors. The eLearning programme is aimed at the promotion of mental health by means of a health appropriate management style. It is a fact that stress can have a "contagious" effect. This applies particularly to stress experienced by managers; employers or superiors often pass stress on to their employees. Accordingly, stress prevention always starts with the manager himself. The eLearning tool requires between 45 and 75 minutes - without or with three self-tests: You can also download the tool.