1st international congress and 4th congress of the Americas on psychosocial factors at work

Ibercaja, Patio de la Infanta, Zaragoza (Spain)

Banner first international congress on psychosocial factors at work

Congress on psychosocial risks at work organized by Red de investigadores sobre factores psicosociales en el Trabajo (RIFAPT). Occupational health hazards have evolved with the world of work. In addition to the physical, chemical and biological risks, there are new risks arising from globalization, the dominance of the free market, or new technologies. Teleworking, staff downsizing, outsourcing, the increase in working hours and precariousness led to a threat to physical, mental and social health: psychosocial risks. General and specific topics that will be developed during the congress are: Precarization of formal work and its psychosocial effects; Emerging forms of precarious work; Workplace violence and its implications; Gender, psychosocial risks and health at work; Social and labour exclusion; Critical analysis of the theoretical models used in the psychosocial field and derived methodology for assessment and prevention; Empirical evidence of research in psychosocial injury; Surveillance and intervention in psychosocial factors and injury.

The Congress has been postponed due to COVID-19. At the beginning of next year they will be updating the documents on this site.