1st International PEROSH Conference on Prolonging Working Life

Hosted by National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Online

PEROSH International Conference on Prologing working lifes

The 1st International PEROSH Conference on prolonging Working Lifes is a part of a PEROSH project which aims to determine push and stay factors for labour market participation of older workers across different European countries with different regulations and cultures to thereby better guide initiatives for maintaining older workers at the labour market across Europe. The main topics of the Conference will be Psychosocial work factors, Physical/ergonomic work demands, Senior policies at the workplace, Country specific labor market policies on age (early retirement, unemployment), Practical implementation of good senior practice at workplaces, Age discrimination, New technologies, digitalization, Individual factors and skills, Possibilities for changing “track” (other work tasks, change of job type), Health surveillance systems at workplaces and Positive factors (wellbeing, inspiring work, good social climate etc.)