The Grand Elysée Hotel, Hamburg (Germany)

The OHHW conference is one of the world's largest international congresses in the field of occupational health and safety for healthcare workers, where experts from all around the world gather once every two years to share their knowledge and experience. The main conference topic will be the global shortage of health workers. In addition, the congress will focus on themes such as war, economic crisis, migration, and other critical circumstances that have a strong impact on health worker's health as displaced health workers and healthcare in crisis situations; occupational health for volunteer health workers posted abroad; health of migrant health workers; Vision Zero – creating a safe workplace with no accidents and no occupational diseases; prevention and rehabilitation of occupational skin diseases; prevention of infectious disease and vaccination strategies; health workers' exposure to chemicals; management of violence against health workers;  and, psychological demands on health workers and available resources. There will be also two workshops one the HealthWISE program to improve working conditions in healthcare and another on violence in healthcare, including how to protect health workers in war zones or in isolated crisis and how to manage violence in daily healthcare.