ETC Summer Course 2019-Implementing sustainable development goals for healthy local governance

University of Girona, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

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The 28th residential Summer School will be based on both theoretical and practical elements of health promotion, which is underpinned by an emphasis on adult learning and participant interaction.
This includes field visits to exemplary local programs and opportunities for sharing knowledge and experiences with international colleagues involved in promoting health in its broadest sense.
Participants have the opportunity to develop insights into the socio-cultural and political contexts of other health systems. This is facilitated through each participant providing a brief “country presentation” at the start of the course. Participants also engage in developing a live project, including research, as part of an international multidisciplinary working group. The 28th Summer School will provide you with a unique experience that will inspire you in promoting health and wellbeing in your own contexts. An additional benefit is the long-lasting international networks with participants and academic tutors developed over the 2-week course.