ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz, 2nd Trade Fair for Work and Health

Basel, Switzerland

Driving Business Excellence through Corporate Culture and Health 

Driving Business Excellence through Corporate Culture" is the subject of a European Management Conference which will be organised by the Network Enterprise for Health on October 13 ? 15 in Berlin. 

The conference is a European platform for enterprises which combine health, employee participation and corporate culture with business excellence as integral elements of their company policies because they are convinced that long-term business success depends on the interests of all stakeholders being taken into account in a well-functioning community. 

With the participation of reputable captains of industry and decision-makers from European enterprises, corporate strategies are identified and shared with which the common vision, 'healthy enterprises in an economically and socially healthy Europe', can be achieved. 

This is becoming necessary owing to far-reaching changes in industry, society and technology development which will affect in particular the general conditions on the labour markets. 

Enterprise for Health
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