Health and Social Security in a Life Cycle - The Contribution of Prevention and Health Promotion in Europe

Berlin, Germany

The organisers of this event are the Initiative Health and Work (IGA), which is sponsored by the BKK Federal Association of Company Health Insurance Funds, the German Federation of Institutions for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention (HVBG) and the AOK Federal Association of Local Health Insurance Funds.

Their common objective is to further develop prevention and intervention approaches so as to maintain and successfully promote employees' health.

The conference offers a European platform for an exchange between professionals from the fields of politics, business and social security on the future role of prevention and health promotion. In this context, examples of good practice are to be shown. Participants will discuss how prevention and health promotion can successfully be integrated with issues regarding family, training and education, world of employment, ageing and retirement as well as the different areas of social security. After all, only by interconnecting prevention and health promotion with all activities across people's entire lifespan can the efficiency and sustainability of investments in these fields be secured. 

The aim of the conference is to give prevention and health promotion a stronger role in order to create the social and economic bases for mastering the challenges to society.


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