3rd Annual IHPM European Health & Productivity Congress: Employee Health and Well-Being as a Strategic Investment

Linz, Austria

Absenteeism and presenteeism due to health problems are on the rise and affecting productivity. Therefore, increasingly more European employers are developing strategies for health and productivity management (HPM). The European Health & Productivity Congress is hosted by the Institute for Health & Productivity Management and will bring together employers, government agencies, social partners and service providers in order to address these questions: 

  • What do HPM strategies entail? 
  • What role can Occupational Health Services play? 
  • How can the business value of good health be demonstrated? 
  • How do leading companies keep their employees healthy and motivated? 
  • Is HPM a strategy for small to- medium-sized companies? 

To register for this event please visit http://www.ihpm.org/secure/eu_3annual.php