30 - 40 - 50plus: Healthy Work in an Ageing Europe

Linz, Austria

The 5th European Conference of the ENWHP will conclude the 5th ENWHP initiative and to pursue the following objectives:

1. To disseminate the results of the 5th initiative; 
2. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of ENWHP;
3. To address highly important topics on the political agenda. 

This is the first time an ENWHP conference will be organised without the support of EU funding. It will therefore be financed with sponsorships and conference fees.

2. Structure of the conference and strands of topics 

The objectives mentioned above will be included in the programme within 4 corresponding strands of topics:

  • Celebration of 10 years ENWHP;
  • Overview and successful practical approaches for supporting the ageing process through lifestyle-management.
  • Overview and successful practical approaches for improving life long learning
  • Overview and successful practical approaches for a work organisation and environment conducive to ageing

The opening ceremony will include welcome addresses from the Health/Labour Ministry of Austria, from the Economy and Labour Ministry of Germany, from the EU Commission and from the Upper Austrian Health Insurance Funds which is the host organisation.

The celebration of 10 years ENWHP will be introduced by the ENWHP chairman, Karl Kuhn, and followed with a response and assessment by a company representative, on the strengths and weaknesses of ENWHP development from the business point of view. This celebration will also be used to build a link to the Finnish EU Presidency in the autumn of 2006 during which the ENWHP will strive to place workplace health promotion on EU agenda under the leadership of the Finnish NCO. Within this framework, Matti Ylikoski from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health will outline the priorities and areas for a possible council resolution on WHP, national health policies and strategies in an enlarging Europe.

In a plenary presentation, each of the 3 strands on ageing will be introduced by an expert who will give an overview on the subject and followed with responses from a social partner and a company or social security representative. This will be followed by a round of 4 parallel breakout sessions. In each strand, one of the 4 breakout sessions will be held in German. The conference language in the plenary and all the other breakout sessions will be English.

In the final plenary following the last round of breakout sessions, summaries of the conference results and the 5th ENWHP initiative will be made and the strategies for future WHP and their contribution in resolving the new welfare challenges will be outlined. ENWHP secretariat