Employers and Ageing Workers

London, United Kindom

By October 2006, it will be illegal to refuse someone a job, promotion or training or benefits on the basis of age. However, a recent study of 1,500 employers by Canfield School of Management found that nearly one in three employers had no clear plans to introduce age policies within their organisation.

This important and timely one-day national conference will enable employers to be fully prepared for the new anti age discrimination legislation. HR professionals will learn from experts in government and industry and will receive practical help and advice on a variety of related issues including, recruitment, training, employee benefit alignment and staff retention.

With around 40% of the UK adult population aged 50 and over - and the proportion of older people in the population growing - by 2020 the 50 plus age group will have increased by 3 million.

Given this changing demographic position, and with older workers forming a larger proportion of the workforce, combined with a backdrop of skills shortages, employers stand to gain from ensuring they adopt non-ageist employment practices.   http://www.symposium-events.co.uk/pages/attending/LB002/overview.htm