A+A 2005 Safety is no accident. International Trade Fair with Congress and Special Events

Dusseldorf, Germany

At the A+A Congress 2005 all knowledge contributing towards designing the future world of employment will be incorporated into the modern context of occupational health and safety. All social groups may become involved in this discussion. This is why the congress organiser ?Basi? (Working Committee for Health and Safety at Work of the Federal Republic of Germany, registered association) has once again launched the campaign ?Call for Papers?. Those who are interested may participate in the A+A Congress by delivering talks during events and seminars or by providing posters (contact addresses of Basi at the end of this release). In principle, the topics and contents of the A+A Congress events cover the entire range of modern health and safety protection at work.

Contact A+A Congress 2005:
Basi ? German Association for Safety and Health at Work
Alte Heerstr. 111
D-53754 Sankt Augustin
Phone: +49(0)2241/231-6000/ FAX +49(0)2241/231-6111
e-mail: basi@hvbg.de

Webpage: www5.aplusa-online.de/