6th European Conference on Promoting Workplace Health "HEALTHY WORK - HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - HEALTHY BUSINESS"

Perugia, Italy

The conference in Perugia concluded the 7th ENWHP initiative "Move Europe", focussing on comprehensive workplace health strategies integrating lifestyle management into a wider approach for improving the quality of working life. To promote the exchange of experience, Models of Good Practice that have been identified during the course of the project were presented by company representatives who described their activities in this field.

In times of increasing global competition the health of the workforce becomes one of the key resources of competitiveness and capacity to innovate. Ageing European populations and ageing workforces in particular require a stronger investment in healthy living and working conditions.

The workplace is an important location for successful health promotion strategies because employees today spend a growing amount of time at work and a better state of health can be created here through a healthy working environment, organisation of work and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. Large numbers of premature death and chronic diseases could principally be avoided through the promotion of healthier lifestyles. And the investments pay dividends: A conservative estimate of the benefits from workplace health promotion indicates a likely annual return of three to one or more.

However, improved individual awareness of one's own health will not be sufficient to ensure a healthier working life in the future. A comprehensive approach is needed which stimulates the development of healthy and participatory enterprise cultures and which involves both the physical and mental well-being of employees.

Encouraging more enterprises throughout Europe to investing in more and better health at work - this is the aim of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion ENWHP.


The conference in Perugia will conclude the 7th ENWHP initiative "Move Europe", focussing on comprehensive workplace health strategies integrating lifestyle management into a wider approach for improving the quality of working life. Three specific issues will be addressed at the conference:

  • Working life on the move: nutrition, fitness and well-being
  • Work and stress: Spice of life or kiss of death?
  • Clearing the air at work: the enjoyment of a smoke-free workplace

A plenary presentation will take place for each of the three topics and will be followed by more in-depth discussions and presentations of Models of Good Practice to be held by company representatives identified in the course of the "Move Europe" campaign to foster exchange of experiences in the field.

Further information you will find in the conference programme (0.2 MB):


The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion ENWHP was founded in 1996 and is comprised of national occupational health and safety institutes, public health institutions and ministries of health and labour from all the Member States of the European Community, the countries in the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. As a contribution to sustainable economic and social development in Europe, the ENWHP members and partners are committed to developing and promoting good workplace health practice.


Lamberto Briziarelli (president)
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Experimental Centre for Health Education, Department of Medical Surgery and Public Health, University of Perugia
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