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  1. New study on Covid 19 and workers mental health [ENWHP]
    The Institute for Employment studies in Germany has produced an important study on the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic on workers mental health. "Using individual monthly panel data from December...." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en)) Schmidtke, Julia; Hetschko, Clemens; Schöb, Ronnie; Stephan
  2. The Collision of Two Pandemics: Obesity and COVID19 [ENWHP]
    The pandemic of COVID‐19 is bringing public health to the forefront of the society. Lacking herd... most people with COVID‐19 develop no symptoms or have only mild illness, a significant number... are already at high risk for severe complications of COVID‐19, by virtue of the increased risk of chronic
  3. Guide to COVID-19 evidence sources [ENWHP]
    COVID-19 Evidence Network (COVID-END) is a large group of international partners working in collaboration to facilitate easy access to the best available evidence on COVID-19. Their activities span... safety and justice, recreation and transportation. COVID-END’s near-term priorities