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  • January 2023

    After two years of the Corona Pandemic, the Board of ENWHP has set itself new goals for 2023. The growing number of members requires a new and qualitatively improved communication strategy with our members. What do the members expect from the European network? Which topics should be taken up and worked on together? To this end, we are planning a joint meeting with the members in mid-May in Spain in order to develop a viable concept for the future of the network. Ideas on this are welcome and should be brought to the network. 

    The network is currently working on four European projects in the field of workplace health promotion. It is planned to actively involve the members in the processing of these and also in new projects.

    Unfortunately, we have had difficulties until now in finding an assistant for the network to support our work on numerous tasks. As an interim solution, Board member Steve Bell from Scotland has agreed to work two days a week to help get the work done. We hereby ask all members if they know a suitable person who may be interested in this post in the future.

    The board will be communicating with the membership each month for updates on the work of the network.

    You can contact ENWHP via info@enwhp.net

  • Research Fellow in The Health & Occupation Research Network (THOR)

    The University of Manchester is seeking a research fellow for The Health & Occupation Research Network (THOR) working closely with the academic and support staff, participating physicians and the funding bodies. 

    The Health & Occupation Research network (THOR) operates from the COEH at the University of Manchester to collect data on occupational disease in the UK and Ireland. This project, funded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland, relies on more than 1000 specialists and occupational physicians who voluntarily report cases of occupational and work-related ill health.


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All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally interested or involved in the field of health at work, can become a member of ENWHP.

ENWHP facilitates the cross - border exchange of information and the dissemination of good workplace health practice in Europe. 

Join us NOW and access to the benefits of networking with peers, participate in policy development, be up to date on the latest research and practice, improve your career development and have free access to new guidelines and recommendations. 

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Completed Projects

  1. PH Work
  2. Work in Tune with Life
  3. Move Europe
  4. WHP in an Enlarging Europe
  5. Healthy Work in an Ageing
  6. Building up Infrastructures
  7. WHP in Latin and Southern European Countries
  8. Public Administration
  9. Small, Healthy and Competitive
  10. Quality Criteria