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  • A new tool for estimating return of investment and quality of WHP programs

    INSHT, the Spanish contact office of ENWHP, has just launched a tool for estimating the economic return of investment of Workplace Health Promotion Programmes. The tool provides an overview of the quality of WHP programmes which is used to modulate the results: more quality more return. This tool, like other existing ones, has some limitations that derive from estimation and assumptions. So, the tool is offered especially as a support to manage and promote the commitment of the different actors of the company in the improvement of wellbeing. The tool is in Spanish and is available at http://costespromosalud.insst.es

  • GUIDE to develop physical activity programs at work

    The Guide is the result of the European Fitwork project  It aims to support people who want to develop programs to increase physical fitness among workers and prevent musculoskeletal disorders. The guide addresses issues related to how to a) persuade employers and employees to participate; b) ensure high rates of participation; c) integrate the program with other existing health (and safety) programs; d) ensure that the program is repeated and improved for future implementation.

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All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally interested or involved in the field of health at work, can become a member of ENWHP. 

Since 1996 ENWHP has addressed the objectives of the Ottawa Charter and has been at the leading edge of the developments in European workplace health promotion. By means of various joint initiatives, it developed good practice criteria and established infrastructures for WHP in the Member States. Through these national forums, ENWHP facilitates the cross - border exchange of information and the dissemination of good workplace health practice in Europe.

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