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  • Save the date!

    EU closing event of the Erasmus+ program "Municipal Urban Cleaners on health and safety for better quality of life and wellbeing” will take place on Friday September 29th in Athens, Greece and will be also available online

    The Symposium will highlight the importance and necessity of multicomponent and integrated approaches for supporting the health and safety of employees during Public Health emergencies, as well as effective ways to promote the generation of behaviours, attitudes, and skills towards this perspective. It’s aimed to host policy makers, Municipalities, occupational physicians, adult trainers, employee representatives, academic institutions, and other relevant bodies across Europe. It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange views and share the knowledge that project partners have gained in this field, including the training tools they developed for the employees and now available for further exploitation in other European countries under specific guidance that will also be presented.

    Further information on registration will be posted shortly here!

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  • In Memoriam Horst Kloppenburg *17th November 1943 †15th August 2023

    Horst Kloppenburg died on the 15th of August 2023 in his home city of Essen.

    He was principal administrator in the European Commission (until 2014 known as the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO), and responsible and active in the field of health promotion. Health promotion and disease prevention are included within the public health strategies of the EU to improve the health status of populations or relevant sub-groups.

    There have been many European policies in this field. Horst’s strength was to see that European policies can only successfully implemented by the creation of stable networks in which members can learn from and support each other. In his professional career he pushed forward the establishment of a number of Europe-wide networks. One of his children was the establishment of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion in 1996.

    WHP aims to introduce the ‘healthy organisation’ as an important priority on the agenda of all relevant stakeholders from the workplace and beyond. With Horst Kloppenburg we have lost a person who was an active driver in the field of health promotion!

    This Photo shows him with the European members of the ENWHP and of WHO after the foundation in 1996. All members of the board of ENWHP mourn the passing of Horst Kloppenburg and are grateful for the boost and support that he gave to the health of workers throughout the EU.

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All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally interested or involved in the field of health at work, can become a member of ENWHP.

ENWHP facilitates the cross - border exchange of information and the dissemination of good workplace health practice in Europe. 

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