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  • DigiWorkWell has drawn to a close

    This project has recently drawn to a close and the following resources are available for free use in English, Polish and Spanish:

    - DWW guide sets out the business case for digital wellbeing.

    - Workplace Check-up Tool evaluates strenghts and weaknesses in realtion to employee digital wellbeing.

    - DWW training for business advicers and SME managers.


  • Click2Move in the European Researchers' Night

    The European Researchers' Night is a Europe-wide public event, which displays the diversity of science and its impact on citizens' daily lives. This event aims to bring research and researchers closer to the public; promote excellent research projects across Europe and beyond; increase the interest of young people in science and research careers; and showcase

    Click2Move participated in the European Researchers' Night 2023 that took place on Friday 29 September 2023, by presenting an informative video about the goal of the project and how it works. The video is shared on the European Researchers' Night YouTube channel. 

    We invite you to watch it


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All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally interested or involved in the field of health at work, can become a member of ENWHP.

ENWHP facilitates the cross - border exchange of information and the dissemination of good workplace health practice in Europe. 

Join us NOW and access to the benefits of networking with peers, participate in policy development, be up to date on the latest research and practice, improve your career development and have free access to new guidelines and recommendations. 

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Completed Projects

  1. PH Work
  2. Work in Tune with Life
  3. Move Europe
  4. WHP in an Enlarging Europe
  5. Healthy Work in an Ageing
  6. Building up Infrastructures
  7. WHP in Latin and Southern European Countries
  8. Public Administration
  9. Small, Healthy and Competitive
  10. Quality Criteria