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Breakfast Debate - The role of companies in stress management and work-life balance of their employees

Belgium, Brussels

Policies & Practices is a series of lively exchanges on European social needs aimed at stimulating true interaction between the speakers and the audience. "The role of the companies in stress management and work-life balance of thier employees" is the third session in the cycle "Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources: policy complementarities within companies".


LEPH2014 - The Second International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

The conference, organised by the Centre of Law Enforcement and Public Health (CLEPH) and the Talma Institute for the Study of Work, Care and Welfare, provides an opportunity for public health practitioners and policy makers to showcase their leadership in addressing, with their police colleagues, very complex and inter-related health, social and law enforcement issues. The conference aims to examine and enhance the partnerships that exist between law enforcement and public health and to focus on the successful practical examples of this partnership.


XXII. biennial conference "Living Conditions and Health"

High Tatras, Slovakia

The conference is organized by the Slovak Society of Hygiene, the Insitute of Hygiene at the Medical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava, the Regional Institute of Public Health in Poprad and the Slovak Society of Occupational health. The programme contains, amongst others, the following sections: noise in the living environment, nutrition and nutritional status, prevention of chornic diseases, health prevention and promotion in children and young people, etc. All together 90 oral presentations and many posters will be available to several hundred participants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


First International Conference on Work and Spirituality

Lausanne, Switzerland

Decision makers (entrepreneurs, managers, HR managers, politicians) and researchers (experts in ethics of economy, managment, neuroscientists, professionals in occupational health) will share their knowledge and experiences of the new values that are emerging in the world. "Is life at work worth living?" The converging views will open new pathways to progress and to answering the growing need of values and meaning, necessary for progress towards a better global health of individuals, of companies, and of society.

National Conference on Workplace Health Promotion, "Health for all ages: what can employees and employers do?"

Fribourg, Switzerland

The 2014 Swiss National Conference on Workplace Health Promotion is organised by Health Promotion Switzerland (NCO Switzerland) and will take place at the University of Fribourg. The conference promises high-level speakers, knowledge that can be translated into practice and opportunities for networking. The programme and more information about the lectures and symposia is available on the website. Due to the limited number of seats, please use the online registration. For questions regarding the content, please contact Ms. Chantale Wagenaar Merz.


XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014

Frankfurt, Germany

The XX World Congress will be held in Frankfurt and carries the title "Global Forum for Prevention". The 2014 World Congress is organized jointly by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the international Social Security Association (ISSA) and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). Discussion - debate - action: this is the focus of the congress. Over 4.000 experts from all over the world will be discussing the latest OSH developments and trends. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) will host a side-event on Sunday, 24 August. The ENWHP side-event will be a workshop on job retention and return-to-work of employees with chronic illness and is open to the public. For more info, contact


Swiss Public Health Conference 2014 "Public Mental Health"

Switzerland, Olten

The Swiss Public Health Conference will be held on 21-22 August at the new premises of the University of Applied Sciences in Olten. It is organised in collaboration with the Swiss Mental Health Network. Renowned experts from Switzerland and abroad will inform on the state of current research and will give presentations relevant to practice. The particpants have the opportunity to widen their knowledge and talk to specialists.

Workshop Mental Health in the Workplace

Belgium, Brussels

DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion is conducting a study on mental health in the workplace. The study aims to analyse the suitability of the EU-OSH legal framework and to evaluate national policy measures and instruments for mental health specific risks in the workplace. Secondly, the study elaborates possible scenarios for the European Commission and finally, it generates a guidance document that addresses shortcomings. The workshop presents the results of a Delphi study of experts in the first round and stakeholders on national and EU level in the second round, together with other outcomes of the study such as the guidance document and an interpretative note. In the afternoon, discussions will take place on a number of questions and topics arising from the results. (Participation by invitation only.)


International Conference of the European Forum of the Insurance against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases

Austria, Vienna

The aim of the conference is to consider the impact of the modern world of work on the accident insurance systems in fulfilling their tasks, from prevention and health at work to rehabilitation and return-to-work. To ensure a broad exchange of views, experts from different parts of Europe, as well as Asia and the USA have been invited to share their perspectives and best practice.

Results 81 to 90 out of 260.