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Breakfast debate "Facts and figures in health promotion at the workplace - special focus on nutrition"

Belgium, Brussels

The fourth session in the cycle "CSR and HR policy complementarities withing companies" deals with health promotion at the workplace. The focus this time is on nutrition. The event takes place at the THON Hotel EU, Rue de la loi - 1040 Brussels on Thursday, 2 July 2015 (8.30-10.00). The speakers will be Madi Sharma (Member of the European Economic and Social Committee) and David Gold (Managing Director, Gold-Knecht Associates).


Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit 2015

Brazil, Florianopolis

The Florianopolis Summit 2015 will be the third Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit, taking place from 18-19 May. At the Summit, awards will be presented to finalists in three categories: 1) small and medium-sized enterprises, 2) large enterprises, 3) multi-national enterprises. The preliminary agenda is available now. Applications are open now and close on 2 March 2015: click here to apply and have your application assessed by a panel of top international health and workplace experts! The GHWAwards are hosted by International Health Consulting, and i-genius, with the SESI as lead sponsor. More info... If you have an interest in these awards or would like to explore partnership opportunities, e-mail:


2. Dreiländertagung Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung 2015

Austria, Bregenz

In March 2015, the second "3country-conference" on workplace health promotion will be organized by a consortium of Austrian, Swiss and German organisations. The conference is a place of exchange on current developments in the world of work, as well as a platform for discussing future challenges and strategies for workplace health promotion and psychosocial health in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. BKK (NCO Germany) and Health Promotion Switzerland (NCO Switzerland) are part of the Steering Committee for the conference. Click here to consult the programme (in German). For more details, contact Ms. Silvia Moser Luthiger


Health and Wellbeing at Work 2015

United Kingdom, Birmingham

The ninth edition of this conference and exhibition is all about improving the health and wellbeing of work-aged people. The conference will provide new ideas and resources to ensure employees are engaged and motivated, healthy, resilient, return to work quickly following absence and stay in work. It also looks at how to design and deliver programmes that promote equality and diversity, comply with recent legislation and maximise both individual and organisational performance - by profiling national developments, service innovations, examples of best practice and the latest research and policies.

Occupational Health and Safety in Europe: Fostering Healthy Workplaces for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Belgium, Brussels

An international symposium by Public Policy Exchange. The symposium will discuss how the number of occupational accidents can be reduced - especially in high risk industrial work environments - and will consider an effective cross-border strategy to prevent psychosocial risks and other work-related diseases. The symposium will allow delegates to examine and assess projects, tools and best practices tackling occupational safety and health issues in Europe, so as to create healthy workplaces and foster growth.


Work, Health and Well-being: Integrating Wellness and Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace

USA, Boston (MA)

The Harvard School of Public Health offers a three-day programme designed to help participants enhance employee health, minimize work-related injuries and illnesses, and reduce employee health care-related costs. This applied programme provides the knowledge necessary to integrate siloed occupational health, health promotion, and health protection programmes. It is ideal for professionals with direct responsibility for the health, safety, and wellness of employees as well as those who are designing or directing health protection and health promotion programmes. Participants will represent diverse sectors, industries, and job functions and will come from around the world.


European Conference on Youth Mental Health: From continuity of psychopathology to continuity of care (STraMeHS)

Italy, Venice

Registration deadline is 30 November 2014. Please send in an abstract before 31 July 2014. Background: Young people aged 10-24 years represent 27% of the world's population, and up to 75% of mental disorders occur within 25 years. The STraMeHS Conference aims at raising awareness and improving mental health providers, policy makers, decision makers and health administrators' knowledge about youth mental health and factors affecting this area. The event will also promote the development of integrated and continuous models of care and functioning of mental health services targeted to the specific needs of youth.

The Global Crisis of Depression - The low of the 21st century?

United Kingdom, London

The event, taking place on November 25th in London (Kings Place), will gather 150+ policymakers, healthcare providers, employers, academia, the pharma industry and patient groups for a day of insight, debate and action. The speakers will discuss the burden of depression as well as a variety of national responses to it, aiming to tackle an issue that has beome a leading cause of illness worldwide.

National Conference on Workplace Health Promotion 2014

Italy, Rome

During the second half of 2014, Italy holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In this context, INAIL (NCO Italy) organises its national information day on workplace health promotion, particularly on promoting a workplace culture of physical activity. The theme of the conference - which is duly supported by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) - is "Lifestyle and physical activity at work. Initiatives of the networks for workplace health promotion in Europe and in Italy". Rob Gründemann from TNO (NCO Netherlands) will represent ENWHP on the 24th of November. He will talk about "The promotion of physical activity and work".

EANPC Seminar - Relation between psychosocial issues and productivity

Italy, Vicenza

EANPC, the European Productivity Network, and its Italian member - Fondazione Giacomo Rumor, Centro per la Produttività Veneto (CPV) - organise a EANPC Seminar in the context of the 2014-2015 Healthy Workplaces Campaign by EU-OSHA: "Healthy workplaces manage stress". The seminar will discuss more in depth the relation between stress, other psychosocial issues and productivity. The seminar will take place in Vicenza (Italy) and is open to the public.

Results 71 to 80 out of 260.