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WHP Quality Check

You want to assess the quality of the workplace health policy in your organisation?

Fill out this WHP Quality Check developed on the basis of accepted European Quality Management standards. You will learn how you can better exploit all health potentials in your enterprise and improve its economic performance in the long run.

The questionnaire constists of a total of 28 questions spread over 6 sectors:

  • Workplace Health Promotion & Corporate Policy
  • Human Resources & Work Organisation
  • Planning of Workplace Health Promotion
  • Social resonsibility
  • Implementation of Workplace Health Promotion
  • Results of Workplace Health Promotion

A 5-level response scale were formed. Before starting to answer the questionnaire please note the following description.

  1. not yet started (0%)
    No processes or activities exist at this level.
  2. selected initiatives implemented (25 %)
    Selected measures are implemented as projects on this level, but are unsystematic with no continuous improvement processes and with only partial participation of the employees.
  3. wide implementation (50%)
    Measures at this level are implemented in several areas of the company and projects exist over a longer period. Some programmes are planned and conducted systematically but there are no continuous improvement processes.
  4. systematic implementation (75 %)
    At this level, measures are implemented in many areas of the company. The majority of employees have access to them. Many activities are planned and conducted systematically and some are improved continuously.
  5. implementation is continually improved (100 %)
    At this level, measures are implemented continuously in all areas of the company. All employees have access to them irrespective of their hierarchical level and are regularly involved in the continuous improvement processes.