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Structure of the ENWHP


You can find the ENWHP organisational chart here...

Executive Committee
... includes the Chairpersons, the Secretariat and the Task Force managers. 

The Executive Committee acts on the mandate of the Board of Directors and
is responsible for:

  • overseeing and co-ordinating the operations of the network;
  • monitoring and evaluating initiatives and project applications;
  • initiating a procedure in case of non-payment of the annual membership fee and/or non-performance of tasks;
  • preparing for the decisions to be made at the Board of Directors;
  • preparing the strategic workplan.

Board of Directors
... consists of all NCO representatives and is the decision-making body of the network. The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to:

  • adopt and amend the rules of internal procedure;
  • make decisions on policies and strategies; 
  • decide to support applications for project funding involving the ENWHP, it may also support project applications involving some of its members;
  • make decisions concerning the financial contributions by the members;
  • approve the annual report and statement of the accounts produced by the Secretariat;
  • elect ENWHP representatives to the Executive Committee, the Chairperson(s) and the Secretariat;
  • disolve the ENWHP.

... consists of all members of the network. The ENWHP Forum shall meet at least once every year, following the meeting of the Board of Directors, and approves the strategic workplan as prepared by the Executive Committee.

National Contact Office (NCO)
... represents its country as a Full Member and co-ordinates the activities of the network at national level. The NCO takes appropriate measures to initiate and maintain a forum for workplace health promotion or measures to ensure that information on ENWHP priorities and activities is accessible at national level. More...

Associated Members
... receive information via newsletters and dedicated mail, are invited to the ENWHP Forum and to activities of the Full Members, are given opportunities for participation in specific projects and campaigns, and are included in the network website. More...

... will be invited to attend seminars organised by ENWHP, are nominated by the Board but shall not participate in voting on ENWHP issues. Longstanding partners of the ENHWP are the European Commission, the European Agency for Safety and Health in Bilbao, the European Foundation in Dublin.

Other (possible) partners are: relevant supra- and international organisations; European associations of social partners who support the mission and vision of the ENWHP; relevant regional, national or international networks and/or national organisations who support the vision and mission of ENWHP. More...

... chair the meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the ENWHP Forum. They represent the Network in public. The chairmanship is an honorary position currently held by Dr. Maria Dolores Solé, Head of the Occupational Health Department of the National Centre for Working Conditions at INSHT in Barcelona and Dr. Karl Kuhn, former Director and Professor at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Dortmund.

... coordinates the Network and carries out the administrative work. It is responsible for developing the Network and the initiatives, organising regular meetings and conferences, public relations and representing the chairs. The secretariat is currently based at Prevent, in Leuven/Louvain (near Brussels).

Contact details:

ENWHP Network Secretariat
Kolonel Begaultlaan 1A/51
B - 3012 Leuven