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Official Name:
National Employment and Health Innovations Network   

1. To provide opportunities to share good practice and innovation in promoting health and tackling ill-health in the workplace; and reducing health inequalities through creating employment opportunities.

2. To support the implementation of innovative projects and programmes by designing learning opportunities around key themes linking their work to Government policy objectives in employment, regeneration, reduction of health inequalities and social inclusion.

3. To support the dissemination of proven innovation and good practice and its integration into the mainstream modernisation agenda
The National Employment and Health Innovations Network (NEHIN) has been running for almost 1 year. It originated from the Health Action Zone (HAZ) Employment & Occupational Health Network which had brought together innovators from the field and senior officials from Government Departments to discuss the learning to be drawn from the experience of the HAZs and ways of disseminating good practice. There are 4 meetings per year - two in England, one in Scotland and one in Wales. There is a website, an e-group and a number of special interest groups.
Sponsor Institutions:
Network meetings and activities are funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, NHS Plus (Department of Health) and the Scottish Executive.  
Working Methods:
Network meetings are open to all and feature presentations and workshops on innovative practice and policy initiatives in the field. Special interest and task focused groups arise out of these meetings as do priority areas for exploration at future meetings. Members are expected to self-organise. The Network provides space to meet and support with communication and dissemination of results/products.
Cooperation Partners: NEHIN is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, the Health and Safety Executive, Re-employ Interwork and the Employers Forum on Disability.

  • Job retention and early work-focused intervention for people with potentially chronic health conditions
  • Intensive intervention to reintroduce people on Incapacity (long term disability) Benefits into the labour market
  • Provision of occupational health support to small and medium sized enterprises, rural enterprises and other sectors currently without ready access to such support
  • Development of social firms
  • Promotion of equality and anti-discrimination practices
    Dr. Bob Grove
    The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
    134-138 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB

    Phone: +44 20 7827 8398