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Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine

The Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM) in Poland was founded in 1954. It is an independent research and development centre covering various areas of occupational and environmental health. The multi-disciplinary nature of the research makes it possible to address complex problems in the work environment and workers' health.

NIOM promotes healthy lifestyles among Polish workers with the main goal of improving the quality of life and creating a positive impact on workers' health, work environment and work capability.

NIOM provides background research and expertise to the Ministry of Health and serves as an advisory body to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and numerous governmental agencies, including State Sanitary Inspectorate and State Labour Inspectorate and also to local administration, trade unions and industry.

The National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion has been part of NIOM since 1996.

Its team is multidisciplinary and includes sociologists, pedagogy, management and marketing specialists.

The Centre develops and coordinates the activities of the National Network for WHP and became the Polish National Contact Office for ENWHP in 2001.

Krajowe Centrum Promocji Zdrowia w Miejscu Pracy
The Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine
Dr. Elzbieta Korzeniowska
Ul. Sw. Teresy 8
p.o. bo 199
90-950 Lodz, Poland

Phone: +48 42 6314 685
Fax: +48 42 6314 685