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A network of health promotion companies in the Lombardy region (Italy)

The Lombardy Workplace Health Promotion Network involves 301 workplaces, employing 137.000 persons in November 2014. It is a public-private network, carried out by building partnerships and collaboration with all workplace main stakeholders: associations of enterprises, trade unions and the regional health system. 

The development of this Italian pilot project started in 2011 in Bergamo, by identifying and selecting good practices, and by experimenting the feasiblity and effectiveness in two mid-sized companies before extending the project to other companies. A system of accreditation was later defined.

Member companies should implement at least 18 good practice activities over three years and 6 new activities every year to maintain the "Workplace Health Promotion Site"-logo. The areas of good practice are: nutrition, tobacco, physical activity, road safety, alcohol and substances, and well-being. The results are surprising in terms of network and adhesion, but also on health outcomes.

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Contact persons: dir. Liliana Coppola and dr. Roberto Moretti

Direzione Generale Salute
Regione Lombardia
Milan - Italy
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