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Croatian Institute for Health Protection and Safety at Work 

The Croatian Institute for Health Protection and Safety at Work (CIHPSW) was established in 1996 as the Croatian Institute of Occupational Health. CIHPSW is an independent health institution at national level working under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The main goal of CIHPSW is to develop and disseminate knowledge on sustainable and healthy work. CIHPSW is dedicated to health surveillance and health promotion concerning Croatian workers, and to the improvement of their quality of life and work ability.

The key tasks include following activities:
- creation and maintenance of databases, such as: Registry of occupational diseases, Registry of asbestos induced occupational diseases, database of injuries at work, database of workers exposed to various occupational risks, data on health monitoring of workers employed at increased risk jobs;
- participation in the formulation of national policies and plans concerning occupational safety and health (OSH);
- development, participation and implementation of national programmes related to OSH issues;
- representation of the Republic of Croatia, where required, in working groups and committees of the EU and international organisations;
- raising awareness and implementing preventive actions in OSH;
- health promotion through educational guidelines in assessment of health risks due to occupational hazards, and prevention of injuries and diseases related to work;
- education and training of all stakeholders in the OSH field;
- disseminating of information to OSH professionals and the public;
- expert consultancy in the OSH field, including occupational diseases and work ability assessment;
- conducting applied research in various industrial sectors focused on the assessment of occupational risks. 

CIHPSW is divided into three sections dealing with occupational health, safety at work, and education and information dissemination. The team work within CIHPSW is based on a multidisciplinary approach, including professionals with a broad experience in occupational medicine and safety at work. CIHPSW collaborates with governmental bodies, public institutions, workers' and employers' organisations.

Croatian Institute for Health Protection and Safety at Work (CIHPSW)
Ana Bogadi-Sare, MD. PhD.
Occupational Medicine Specialist
Head of Department for Education and Information
Radoslava Cimermana 64a
10020 Zagreb
Republic of Croatia

Phone: +385 1 6558703
Fax: +385 1 6558704