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Prevent-Foundation develops and disseminates knowledge on sustainable work. On the one hand, it looks at improving working conditions in a healthy, innovative and productive economy. On the other, it is directed at improving the employability of employees in a changing labour market.

At Prevent-Foundation, we arrange study and research projects in a broad social context. This starts with the development of a healthy economy, with particular attention for employment and health policies. It ends with the development of a policy relating to social inclusion, with a focus on the ageing workforce and reintegration.

Prevent-Foundation is part of the new Prevent: (formerly Prevent - Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and, apart from being the National Contact Office for Belgium, also hosts the secretariat of two European networks:

- the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP)
- the European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANPC)

Veronique De Broeck
Kolonel Begaultlaan 1A/51
B - 3012 Leuven

Phone: +32 16 910 910
Fax: +32 16 910 901