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Associated Member ENWHP - France

Aract Aquitaine, or the Association régionale pour l?amélioration des conditions de travail in Aquitaine (French region), is an association managed by a Joint Executive Board. It is chaired alternately by the trade unions of employers and employees. 

Aract Aquitaine belongs to the network of Anact, the French national agency under the auspice of the Ministry of Labour and 26 regional associations. Aract has a public service mission to jointly improve the work situation of the employees and the performance of the organisations. To develop its strategy for action, Aract Aquitaine brings together a Steering Committee composed of regional social partners, financiers and experts in the field of working conditions.

Aract Aquitaine has been actively involved in the initiatives of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion over the last couple of years.

ARACT Aquitaine
Association régionale pour l?amélioration des conditions de travail
Contact person: Dominique Baradat
Chargée de mission
202, rue d'Ornano - 33000 Bordeaux

Phone: +33 (0)5 56 79 63 32
Fax: +33 (0)6 20 11 53 12